In Breden, you can find a suitable tube scarf (aka buff) for every season. Our cotton jersey tube scarves are the best option for spring/autumn season and colder summer days and evenings. Tube scarves with merino wool lining are perfect for that moody middle season when the temperatures fluctuate from +5 to -7ºC. Fleece lining is best for temperatures under -7ºC.
Tube scarves are universal – they are suitable for mommy and daddy, bigger sisters and brothers and even babies. It’s a great choice for children in kindergarten as it’s easy to put on and take off. The best way to wear it is over outerwear. Advice for children: First put on the jacket, then the scarf and lastly the hat.

Sizes: 0 – 7+ years

Sille Kaseleht: “I ordered my almost 3-year-old (98 cm tall) a tube scarf in size 3-6 y. It fits great and forms a great set with the hat. Very comfy material and beautiful colours!”


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