"Started from need, designed with love, built to last."

These words perfectly describe both us as a company and everything we produce. It’s our mission to ensure that raising your little rebel is a little easier by making sure that both your needs and your child’s needs are met to the fullest. Children need comfort and parents want peace of mind, and these are the inspiration behind everything we do.

My Breden OÜ is a family business and a journey for us to grow, develop, be inspired, and enjoy every step of the way. We want to offer the best to as many people as possible – from your child with their first Breden hat to one of our seamstresses who are part of a creative, supportive, and fun team.


What do we believe?

Breden's clothes are carefully designed, made of high-quality materials, and designed and manufactured in Estonia. We sincerely believe that in today’s world, a business’s responsibilities extend beyond the traditional elements of job creation and profitability. We want to prove that a company can be both profitable and socially responsible by also investing in people and the environment.

At Breden, we believe in:

Charity. We are constantly looking for ways to help those in need, from children's camps, to shelters, to a large family struggling to make ends meet.

Balance between the economy and the environment. We say NO to overproduction, and YES to minimizing the negative effects of production on the environment, because we want to ensure our children have a cleaner planet.

An empowering work environment, providing our employees with a supportive, inspiring, and healthy work environment, ensuring success in all endeavours.

How do we design?

We are guided by the needs of children, and comfort and fit are paramount, along with practicality and functionality so that parents have peace of mind. Because all Breden products are tested for fit on children and not mannequins, our products are truly designed for the real world.

And because everyone, regardless of age, has their own preferences, Breden clothes are designed to have something for every taste and every occasion - be it Scandinavian minimalist or colourful and full of energy!



The best for all seasons

Whether it's a hot summer, a muddy autumn, an icy winter or a flowery spring - with us you can be sure your little one’s clothes are suitable for all seasons and adventures.

Breden’s flagship collection is our merino wool products, which are especially suitable for the transition period of two seasons, i.e. when autumn becomes winter and winter becomes spring. Merino wool products provide security in the most difficult time, which are very common in our latitudes!

Smart clothes to suit the climate

Headwear is one of the most important things when choosing the right clothing for the weather. All Breden hat-scarves, hats, and scarves are marked with a temperature guide which clearly indicates the temperature they are designed for. Smart, isn't it? You no longer need to ask or check if your little one is cold or hot. Instead, you just check the temperature, check the label, and you’re ready for adventure. This gives you peace of mind and confidence that your child is dressed right, whatever the weather!


Our designers have paid a lot of attention to the combination of colours and patterns, which is why our wide variety of design collections can all be combined with each other and still look stylish. This allows you to combine products according to your needs, to match the same scarf to several different hats or vice versa. This means you don’t have to worry whether the matching hat and scarf are both clean from your last adventure, which is one less thing to worry about!

Quality and comfort

When choosing fabrics and accessories, we ensure that everything is high quality and safe. Our fabrics are dyed using safe colours, and our fasteners are nickel-free. All Breden products undergo a rigorous round of tests and trials by the world's most critical testers – real children. And they are very vocal with their opinions! We also make sure we listen closely to parents, whose comparatively understated opinions also always taken into account.



Environmental footprint

With everything we do, we follow the principle of keeping everything as close to home as possible - from sourcing fabrics and fittings to production. Keeping the distance from point A to point B short keeps emissions low, reducing the damage to nature and our carbon footprint. As production is a very important part of what we do, we want to let every consumer know as precisely as possible how, where and by whom the product they’re buying was made.


Safe working environment and fair pay

At Breden Textiles, our manufacturing plan, we place the biggest emphasis on creating a safe and healthy work environment. Our premises is designed around the needs and wishes of all our employees and uses high-quality tools throughout the process – from cutters, seamstresses, and finishers. This creates a pleasant and modern work environment for everyone on our team.

All the products Breden produces are sewn by people who earn a fair wage. This also gives our customers the knowledge that all our employees are happy, healthy, and satisfied with their work. This in turn is felt in every Breden product, and we hope you feel it too.


Safe materials

All Breden products are made of organic GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton or Oeko-Tex merino wool. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Merino wool that complies with the Oeko-Tex standard is also free of any additives. As many toxic chemicals used in the clothing industry are quite dangerous for children's sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid them as much as possible and always chose fabrics with safety certificates.


The advantages of safe materials are:

The clothes you wear are free from all substances harmful to health, such as nickel and lead.

They do not irritate allergenic and sensitive skin and are soft and comfortable.

GMO-free farms provide healthier working conditions for farmers and workers.

No hazardous production residues are released into the environment.

Organic farming has a much smaller carbon footprint.

The minimal amount of electricity and water is used for production.

Absolutely every cotton fibre and dye is free from harmful substances.