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hat-scarves sold worldwide



brem hat-scarf eyes always out

Eyes out!

Hat-scarf doesn't fall on the eyes.

BREM kids hat-scarf ears and neck always covered

Ears and neck

are always covered and safe from wind.

Kid with hassle-free Hat-scarf easy to put on

Easy to use

Pull down and voilà! Kids can manage on their own.

MORRIS peaked perfect for kindergarten hat-scarf


No hassle. No worries. Stays in place against all odds.

Love Breden style and quality!

The quality is amazing, also my picky son loves the style, it makes him feel like a ninja 😁 Each garment is so carefully wrapped with love, it feels it's being made just for you. It also came with a touchy message and a gift that literally made me cry. Thank you Breden team!

Anamarija B.

Verified buyer - Finland

Hat scarf BREM

As usual a super nice, perfectly temperatured hatscarf. The pattern even looks much nicer in reality. A new favorite!

Magdalena W.

Verified buyer - Germany German flag icon

I highly recommend

Amazing quality, amazing material, very comfortable, nice and soft, perfect fit, amazing design, the only way to get children to keep their hats and scarfs on.


Verified buyer - Latvia


Organic GOTS cotton

This is the highest standard for cotton fabrics. From growing to weaving and treating the fabric - every step is carefully controlled to meet the sustainability standard. Organic GOTS cotton is safe and skin friendly - best for you and your baby!

100% OEKO-TEX® merino wool

Our merino wool has the highest quality and best sources. It's famous for its soft fibers, light and airy texture, body temperature regulating and antibacterial properties. Merino wool is also suitable for sensitive skin. All our merino fabrics are produced in Finland. Greetings to our neighbours!

100% OEKO-TEX® mulesing free merino wool

Thick woven merino wool is perfect for truly freezing temperatures. This wool is also mulesing free which means merino sheep have been treated with love and care. Happy sheep, happy kids!

100% OEKO-TEX® micro fleece

Soft and eco-friendly micro fleece is a great alternative for vegans and people with wool allergies who still want to stay warm when it's cold. Pleasant to touch and easy to take care of!

Organic cotton and merino wool blend

This fabric is for all the grownups, who also like the benefits of a hat-scarf. 77% cotton and 33% merino wool blend is warm but thin enough to fit comfortably under a helmet. Snowboarders love it.

Stays true to its promise

We love the head scarfs. Everything stays warm and my oldest lives it, because he looks like ninja with the black one.


Verified buyer - Germany German flag icon

Great quality

Great quality and very comfortable fit. My both girls love them and don’t want anything but these. Thank you Breden!!!

Alena G

Verified buyer - Belgium

Happy customer

Second hat scarf for my baby who doesn’t like wearing hats. This is the only one that works. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Ava V.

Verified buyer - Lithuania


Sustainable future

We say NO to throw-away-culture, toxic chemicals in our clothing and YES to ethical production.

Quality and longevity

Sustainable production also means that the garments you get from us will last long.
Once your kid has outgrown the hat-scarf, you can still sell or donate it!

We value our people

We value and support each other, within and outside of Breden. We know and understand the life of a parent and hope to offer our help and knowledge to you too!

Fair pay

Good works deserves a decent salary! Fair pay and responsible production is more important than profit margins, that's why we produce everything locally or as close to us as possible.