Merino Lining Peaked Hat CO


CO is a peaked, extra-thick merino-lined hat purpose built for colder winters where temperatures get to -7°C and below. CO's peak also helps protect from bright winter suns, and stops snow from  getting to little faces, all whilst keeping the eyes completely unobstructed, and ears tucked away and safe from the wind. The thick merino lining is also warm, breathable, and doesn't irritate sensitive skin.

MERINO WOOL is the BEST CHOICE for colder weather as it's BREATHABLE and REGULATES body heat. Merino wool absorbs the excessive moisture so the skin doesn't get sweaty. Therefore, it's especially suitable for children who sweat easily. Merino wool is the softest wool and also antibacterial making it suitable for children with sensitive and/or atopic skin. 

All Breden's merino wool products are MACHINE WASHABLE with a wool washing program. Material: Overlay 95% GOTS organic cotton 5% elastane; lining: 100% Oeko-Tex® certified museling-free merino wool.

TIP: choose the hat's size based on your child's head circumference and not on their age or their existing hat. For example, when the head circumference is 51 cm, choose a hat in size 50/52.

Still not sure what size to choose or have any other questions in mind? Give us a call: +372 5114044, or send us a line:

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