Customer support

I’m Laura, a happy customer specialist! Yup, that’s my official title – Customer Happiness Specialist. My mom told me that I’ve been trying to make the world a better place since I was very little. I constantly wanted to help everyone everywhere, and spent a lot of energy for fighting for peace and justice. Becoming older, I’ve been toning the peace and justice part down in order not to get drawn into proper trouble.

But the best part of my day is still the time when I can help someone choose a right product or a size, help to solve some technical errors that might pop up during placing an order or finding a product that someone client really want to buy.

Many people say that customer services are a thankless field. That you must spend your days dealing with complaining and arrogant people, and never hear a happy or a thankful voice. I don’t know the magic formula but Breden’s customers must be one special breed. I’m being serious here, it is just wonderful to help and serve these type of people. Even when we have mixed something up, they are always so understanding and supporting.

Aah, and this is me, just rambling on.

So, all in all, what I wanted to say is that should you have any questions related to Breden or our products, just choose one of the following ways for contacting us.

See you around!

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