Kids hats - the shape and size of your kid's head

How often have you admired someone's hat thinking you couldn't possibly pull off wearing that same style? Well, we know how you feel. Some heads and hats just aren't meant for each other. But fear not. The shape and size of your kid's head will tell you exactly which styles to prefer, so let's find your kid some perfect kids hats, shall we?

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The problem Breden Kids is constantly trying to solve is how to make kids hats that are suitable for all heads. On that journey we've discovered that baggy-styled beanies and peaked kids hats tend to "point up" while some hat-scarves fall on the eyes. That got us thinking: maybe we should consider the shape of the head instead of its circumference? While searching proof for this theory we discovered that heads can generally be divided into 4 types

  • Round head is when the nape and neck blend with a slightly deeper curve and the widest part of the head is considerably wider than the rest of it. 
  • Cylinder head has a more shallow curve between the nape and neck and the circumference of the head doesn't vary much from forehead to chin. 
  • Irregular head is neither round nor cylinder. It can be one or the other on different sides and usually works well with most hat designs.
  • A head with big hair has a lot of hair to take into consideration. Whether it's a thick braid or a magnificent afro, it needs to be included in the hat equation. 


To verify our theory we conducted "human trials" involving 4 kids with the same head circumference, but different head shapes and a huge pile of different kids hats for every season. There were summer beanies, double-cotton spring hats, winter name it! We tried them all on, took pictures and examined the fitting together with our technical design team. And the results were pleasing - in the sense that we now had something to tell you, that would make your life as a parent a bit easier. Here goes: 

Head shapesFrom left to right: head with big hair, cylinder head, round head, irregular head


While head shape is a considerably new factor in choosing kids hats, the circumference has always been key. During our time in hat business we have determined that in order to really get it right, you have to measure your kid's head circumference correctly. There are a few key elements to consider:

  1. Measure straight around the head from its widest angle. If hair is thick or braided, take that into account.

  2. Use a flexible measuring tape, keeping it as tight as possible while not squeezing the head.

  3. Pick a hat according to these results not by the size of your previous kids hats.

Here's the size/age chart that will also help you a lot: 

Size guide

Let's get it right!

Merle Leemet 

the founder and CEO of Breden Kids

Merle Leemet

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