thick or thin merino wool

If Laura could have a dollar for every time she’s been asked about the differences between thin and thick merino wool, she would be richer than the Kardashians. Therefore…it’s time to answer this age-old question once and for all!

Thick merino wool made its first appearance in the ranks of Breden’s product a few years ago. We had just upgraded our bestseller, the double-cotton hat-scarf BREDEN and given it a merino wool lining to resist temperatures between +5 and -7°C / 19.4 to 41°F. But the question remained – what to wear when it’s even colder than -7°C / 19.4°F. The answer is thick merino wool or punto di roma as our product developers like to call it. Sounds complicated? It’s really not!

Thick merino wool jacket CAMEO


Thin merino lining can be found inside hat-scarves BREM and MORRIS and beanie METTE. Also in a few scarves of different shapes and nature, such as MOKKA, MIKEL and MAX. Thick merino lining can be found inside of hat-scarves CLAVAN and CLARK, beanie CLEIN and scarves CAREL, CARON and CALLA. And to be extra specific, winter merino wool hat-scarves have a double-padding around the ears to offer extra wind-protection (check the picture!) By the way – thin and thick merino wool used to look the same but we quickly figured out that our motto #parentingmadeeasy only applies when things are easy for parents. So we made thin merino wool dark grey and thick merino wool light grey to make them more distinguishable. A good tip to keep in mind!

Thick and thin merino wool difference

There are some other differences as well, besides temperature and color. Warm merino wool feels thicker and smoother to the touch, while thin merino is “furrier”, lighter and airier. Both of them hate tumble drying and high temperatures but thick merino wool is especially sensitive to it and once it’s exposed to high speed spinning and hot water, it will never forgive you.


If something works so well as merino wool inside hats, scarves and hat-scarves, it’s quite clear that it needs to be explored further. So we did, by taking our thin merino clothes to the next level and inventing three thick merino wool clothing items. Thus, thick merino sweats CAMEO and CAMP and jumpsuit MILTON were born.

MILTON is especially great because it’s crawling-proof – cotton pads on knees and elbows prevent wear-tear due to friction. It’s a versatile product that can be worn as the first layer underneath outdoor clothes or as a separate piece of clothing indoors when it's a bit chillier - like for example at your country house or other places with cold floors or without central heating.

CAMEO and CAMP are meant to be second layer clothing items and offer protection when temperatures drop really low. They can be used together or separately to keep your little one’s butt and upper body extra warm. Recommended base layer under CAMEO or CAMP would be thin merino but it works as a warm layer on regular cotton clothes as well. You just need to keep in mind that merino wool can’t execute its body temperature regulating properties when not placed directly against the skin.


It’s actually very easy to take care of merino wool. There is no other trick than to wash it as rarely as possible. The reason for this is the unique structure of the wool fibre and the fact it contains lanolin which is an ingredient giving merino wool self-cleaning qualities. Just hang your merino item somewhere drafty to dry (like a balcony for example) and it’s as fresh as ever. And if you really need to wash it, do it with a delicate washing program, cold water and very slow and gentle spins. Keep in mind that thick merino wool can’t stand more than 400 spins and thin merino more than 800 spins. So, just to be sure, wash them all at max 400 spins or you’ll end up with something like this.

MILTON thick merino jumpsuit ruined

Drying is another subject. If you wash it, don’t hang it to dry, merino wool will lose its shape. Spread it horizontally instead, gently stretching to restore the shape. Never tumble dry!

Soft and (merino) warm hugs!

Merle Leemet 

the found and CEO of Breden Kids


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