If you live in a place where it's always sunny and warm, consider yourself lucky! You probably already know everything about summer hats. But most people in most countries do not, because they only get a few months of warm weather per year. And if you have so many hats and scarves to choose from, it's difficult to decide which one is right. I'm here to help you!


Let's make one thing clear. Warm weather doesn't mean your kids can go bareheaded. Direct sunlight contains harmful UV-rays that may cause sunburn and sweating and in some cases can even lead to skin cancer. It's extremely important to protect your kid's head, eyes and neck as much as possible while playing outdoors. A multi-functional summer hat is the answer to every "sun problem" and fortunately, Breden's got plenty of those. Let's see!

  • DIRK. A one-layered summer hat made from soft and stretchy organic GOTS cotton. It is a baggy-style beanie that stays in place while allowing your kid's head to breathe. 
  • SUN. A peaked one-layered summer hat made from soft and stretchy organic GOTS cotton. It protects your kid's eyes from direct sunlight and stays in place.
  • SVENU. A one-layered multifunctional summer hat made from organic GOTS cotton. It's peaked and it has a neck and ear flaps to keep your baby extra safe from sun. SVENU also has strings to make it absolutely "loss-proof" even for very active rascals who tend to misplace their things. 
  • PIA. A hybrid head-piece combining 3 things: a peaked hat, a head-scarf and a headband. PIA is designed to prevent sweating even on very warm days and one of its most important functions is to stay in place even when it's windy. Also made from soft and stretchy organic GOTS cotton.
  • BELLE. A soft single-layered baby summer hat that is soft and stretchy, allows your baby's head to breath and pleases your eyes with super cute ears. BELLE is also designed to stay in place, even without strings. 
  • STELLA. A single-layered baby summer hat with adjustable size. Just tighten or loosen the little knot according to you baby's head size and you're all set. You can be sure that STELLA also stays in place with the help of its ribbed hem.  
  • SAMMY. A single-layered peaked summer hat for babies. Strings keep it securely in place. Ears covered, eyes protected! 
  • SOREN. A single-layered bucket hat, that has wide edges that safeguard your kid's eyes. A very trendy addition to your kid's headwear collection!
  • PETRA. A cute double-cotton head-band is meant to keep your daughter's ears and forehead covered from sun and wind. It also keeps hair in place and looks super cute. 
  • UKU. A real "heavy duty" beach hat made from UPF 50+ UV-fabric that blocks 98% of harmful UV-rays. Its design is similar to SVENU because it's also peaked and it has ear and neck flaps and strings. 

Bucket hat SOREN


There are 3 aspects to consider when choosing the right hat:

  1. First, the age of your child. Babies are very sensitive to sun and therefore need maximum protection. They can't regulate their own body temperature yet and can easily overheat. Toddlers are more resilient to temperature changes but they have other problems due to their constant physical activity. Newborn summer hats are SAMMY, BELLE and STELLA and summer hats for both toddlers and babies are UKU, SVENU, PIA, PETRA, DIRK, SUN and SOREN.
  2. Second, the wearing temperature. Breden's summer hats are made from organic GOTS cotton and beach hat UKU is made from toxin-free UPF 50+ UV-fabric. Our summer hats are made for temperatures above +15°C / 59°F.
  3. Third, the type and purpose of the hat. Do you need a beach hat? Does it have to cover your kid's neck as well as ears? Does you kids like peaked hats or regular beanies? It all comes down to design. 

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Safe and fun in the sun!

Merle Leemet

the founder of BREDEN KIDS 

Merle Leemet



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