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How many times have you sworn to never buy your kid expensive sweats again? A lot, I bet. Because the issue with kids is that their idea of fun is to get down and dirty all the time. Since parents would rather see their kids staying clean, it creates an uncomfortable paradox. How about some outdoor sweats with all the qualities of outerwear combined with the soft, stretchy features of organic cotton? Meet Breden's unique outdoor sweats that are "armed" with waterproof PFC- free details.

Outdoor sweats, jumpsuit, kids coveralls

Since the Nordic climate is characterized by endless windy, rainy and cold periods, it's essential to dress kids into clothes that are easy to clean. Unfortunately regular waterproof jackets, coats and kids coveralls sold in retail shops are mainly made from thick synthetic materials that don't breathe. These clothes may also include toxic ingredients that are environmentally irresponsible and harmful to health. Thus, Breden's outdoor sweats were born, out of personal need. And whether you've got a crawling baby or a full-on mountain climbing toddler, outdoor sweats are gonna make your parenting easier.


As said before, Breden's outdoor sweats are designed to make your life as a parent easier. With a smaller carbon footprint bonus there are several other reasons why you should definitely opt for Breden's outdoor sweats:

  1. Butts, knees, elbows and all the other strategic places are covered with water resistant OEKO-TEX® polyester that's easy to clean

  2. Various designs and practical color combinations make it easy to find the best match

  3. Wearable all year round if combined correctly with layered merino wool

  4. Thick and warm organic GOTS cotton blocks chilly gusts of wind

  5. Reflective details offers extra safety in the dark

  6. Double size lasts longer



But which design does what? Let's explain. There are three models of outdoor sweats that can be combined or used separately. All of them have reflective details to provide extra safety in the dark.

ENZO pants are a must-have in every toddler's closet. You may even want to buy several pairs because then you'll always have fresh ENZOs to throw in your kid's kindergarten bag. ENZO pants are double-sized, made from thick and warm organic GOTS cotton and waterproof details on knees and butt. Also, bonus points to the adjustable waist line.

Sweatpants, outdoor sweats

ESPEN is a zipped sweat jacket that can be used as a wind breaker on its own or in combination with sweatpants ENZO. The jacket is double-sized, has waterproof details on elbows and pockets and a smoothly gliding two-way zipper. 

Outdoor sweats, sweatjacket

ELON is a jumpsuit that has the best of both worlds - outdoor sweats and overalls. It has waterproof details on elbows and hoodie, while also covering the whole lower part of the jumpsuits such for extra protection. ELON jumpsuit is suitable both for babies and toddlers. 

Outdoor overall, jumpsuit, kids coverall


As already said before, Breden's outdoor sweats are super easy to clean. Just wipe the waterproof details clean and your kid is ready for another adventure. But in case of "heavier" messiness you can also easily wash your outdoor sweats in the washing machine. You only need to keep in mind that if you don't want them to shrink, use low spin centrifuge and low temperatures (30°C / 86°F). And they also may need a little bit more time to dry. Please do not iron the waterproof parts directly. If really needed, do it on the reverse side. And that's all there's to it. 

When it's wet, don't sweat!

Merle Leemet 

the founder and CEO of Breden Kids

Merle Leemet, CEO


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