"I can't do this anymore! I've just spent two weeks with him at home and now after a few days at the daycare, he's coughing again... " That's a call I received one morning from one of my mom-friends, whose son caught yet another cold. Sounds too familiar, right? I know EXACTLY how my friend felt and sadly, we all do. That's why we're gonna talk about keeping our kids healthy!

Sick kids are the epitome of autumn suffering. Coughs, sneezes, runny noses, rough breathing - all this is something mothers fear more than death itself. Kids falling ill, burning up, staying home for weeks on end... This puts a strain on the whole family. Is it possible to dodge this bullet or are we just dreaming? I say - we're not! And even though we can't dodge viruses, we can strengthen our kids' immune systems and protect them from harsh weather, cold winds and sweating. You don't need bulky winter clothes, because less is more. And that goes for both hats and clothes!

Merino wool jumpsuit MJORN


I bet you know perfectly well how good quality footwear keeps your kid's feet dry and warm, preventing them from falling ill. There are many manufacturers who make great boots and outdoor clothes and we can all name at least 5 of those brands, if not 10. But when it comes to hats and scarves, no one seems to know what's best, because these products are rarely any brand's priority. Well, luckily people at Breden know a thing or two about hats. We've spent years developing and gathering data about headwear and we're absolutely convinced that key to being healthier lies in hats. And scarves and hat-scarves of course!

But what makes a great hat? It's definitely not just a piece of cloth sewn into the shape of a half moon. No, no, no. A great hat stays in place, offers protection, is made from great materials and brings joy to the kid that has to wear it. A great hat needs to be simple enough to be used by kids on their own to boost their sense of independence. And last but not least - a great hat has give you the peace of mind not to worry about ears, necks or chests being exposed to cold winds when you're not there to save the day.

Knitted products for kids and adults


Another important thing is to connect the correct lining to the right temperature. It really is that simple. All Breden's hats, scarves and hat-scarves have temperature labels inside to tell your exactly which one is right for what particular weather. A really good hat can be recognized by the following features: 
  • The right fabric - whether it's wind proof, UV-ray proof, light and airy or warm and breathable. A good hat has to fit the season!
  • It stays in place no matter what - active kids need that! 
  • Non-toxic and safe colors and materials - nothing gets in the way of your kid's sight and safe materials and colors are skin-friendly.

Merino-lined items


  • Mild spring/autumn: double-cotton hats, scarves and hat-scarves are made from organic GOTS cotton. They're suitable for temperatures from +5 to +15°C / 41 to 59°F

  • Cold spring/autumn: thin merino lining suits Nordic spring and autumn really well. OEKO-TEX® merino wool regulates body temperature, whisks away excess moisture, prevents from sweating and is antibacterial. Suitable for temperatures from -7 to 5°C / 19.4 to 41°F

  • Freezing winter: thick merino lining is for heavy-duty assignments and really cold temperatures. Our thick OEKO-TEX® merino wool is mulesing free, cruelty free and woven thicker that usual to keep warmth in and wind out. Suitable wearing temperature -7°C / 19.4°F and colder. 


It may seem that finding the right clothes is very difficult but it's actually not. There are just a few rules to remember and you're all set. Here goes:

  • When your kid is active, always use one layer less than for yourself
  • When your kid is sleeping in a stroller, always use one layer less than for yourself because the stroller acts as one layer
  • Add layers as late as possible in autumn and take them off as late as possible in spring (this really makes sense, because first chills are always the scariest and first heatwaves the most tempting)
  • Ditch cotton when temperatures drop below +10°C because it's merino time!

Let's stay healthy! 

Merle Leemet 

the founder and CEO of Breden Kids 

Merle Leemet


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