Let's agree on something first. No one really knows how to dress a baby until they become parents. That's why “how to dress a baby” is one of the most requested topics of all times and we're happy to help! We’re all parents here at Breden Kids, so let's talk about baby jumpsuits. Because a baby jumpsuit is the most reliable and fool-proof garment for babies.


Breden has five different jumpsuits: BJORN, MAJOR, MJORN, MILTON, ELON. Don't worry if the name of these jumpsuits don't mean anything to you at first. All you need to know is that there's a baby jumpsuit for every occasion and that's what these names symbolise. Besides, you can always rely on Breden jumpsuits having these following features: 

  • two-way zippers makes diaper changes much easier
  • double size lasts at least twice as long
  • comfy fit doesn't restrict baby's movements
  • eye-catching design is loved both by parents and babies


Double-cotton baby jumpsuit

BJORN is a double-cotton jumpsuit that has a cotton lining and a cotton overlay. It’s thicker and warmer than a regular sleepsuit or onesie and is therefore a perfect outer layer for chillier summer nights, spring days and longer car rides. If your room temperature is on the chillier side, BJORN is very comfy against the baby’s skin. It’s made of organic GOTS cotton that is super soft and stretchy. And you can always adjust the wearing temperatures by adding or removing layers of clothing.


A merino-lined jumpsuit and a merino-lined hat-scarf

MAJOR is a merino-lined jumpsuit with a cotton overlay. It's warmer than its double-cotton counterpart BJORN, because it has a merino wool lining. MAJOR is perfect for strolling during colder days in spring and autumn and car rides in winter. In can be used both as the first and the second layer but it’s worth remembering that merino works only when placed directly against the skin. Wool then regulates body temperature and whisks away excess moisture, keeping your baby warm and dry. You can always adjust the wearing temperatures by adding or removing layers of clothing.


Thinner and thicker merino wool jumpsuits for different temperatures

These 100% merino wool jumpsuits are first layer clothes that make great companions during really cold winter weather. The main difference between these two jumpsuits is the material. MJORN is made from thinner merino wool while MILTON is thicker. They both make your life as a parent way easier. You can now forget about tights, onesies, pants, sweaters and all the other stuff you've been used to layering up before going outside with your baby. Another great thing about MILTON is the soft cotton padding on knees and elbows that makes it a great indoor outfit for crawling babies. 


Outdoor baby jumpsuit with waterproof details

Jumpsuit ELON has PFC-free waterproof details in strategic places which makes it a great outdoor jumpsuit that really means business. You can be sure that knees, elbows, butts and heads will always be dry and warm and the thick sweater cotton also provides protection from the wind. You can always adjust the wearing temperatures by adding or removing layers of clothing but since ELON is an outer layer clothing item it’s best to take into account that there is quite a lot of growing space to ensure all layers fit under it. 


Jumpsuits that can be used against the skin are BJORN, MAJOR, MJORN and MILTON. Jumpsuits that can be used as outer layers are BJORN, MAJOR, ELON. Jumpsuits that are made of merino wool are MAJOR, MJORN and MILTON. 

If you have additional questions, you can always write to us, or better yet, share your e-mail address with us so that we could send you useful information, exciting offers and gifts!

Let's (jump)suit up!

Merle Leemet

the founder of BREDEN KIDS 

Merle Leemet, the founder of Breden Kids

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