Breden's hat-scarf, a new generation of balaclavas

Have you ever seen something seemingly insignificant spark an idea that eventually evolves into something completely new and powerful? This is exactly how Breden’s hat-scarf was born. A new generation of balaclavas, for sure! 

I was spending a beautiful day with a friend and a fellow parent discussing children's hats. She really liked my classic hats and tube-scarves but still preferred balaclavas in kindergarten. It really troubled me and so half-joking, half-serious I said out loud: "Maybe I should sew a hat and a tube-scarf together for you?" And that's exactly what happened! A creation of something that would provide confidence and peace of mind to all parents, not just my friend. 

Double-cotton hat-scarf


However, inventing a hat-scarf was not that easy as it sounds. There were many discoveries between the first stitches and the final product. I had to conduct a lot of research and with the help of my mom-friends I came to an understanding that every child has different needs. I took a deep dive into the world of balaclavas and found out that in addition to unappealing looks and high prices, leading kids brands have inconsistent sizing and use disappointing materials. Fleece is sweaty, wool itchy, one-layered cotton doesn't block wind... There was no shortage of problems!

I realized that inventing the world's best balaclava is an unbearably long, complicated and costly process, but also absolutely necessary. I started to see more and more balaclavas around me and I once even followed a kid in the grocery store. Sounds crazy, right? But I couldn't help but notice how the balaclava covered his face every time he turned his head. One could only imagine how uncomfortable would playing hide and seek be when you're half-blind. Because kids need to run around, play and feel free. Just like in this cool video:


Together with a good friend who is now Breden's production master, we came up with the first prototype to be tested on children of different ages and head sizes. This prototype evolved into countless samples and after receiving hundreds and thousands of comments from both kids and parents we ended up with the final version. It was ready. And it became a best seller!

The best thing about our hat-scarf is that it's a "living organism" that keeps evolving. The original classic cotton hat-scarf BREDEN soon got a brother - peaked hat-scarf BENT. Then emerged their merino-lined siblings: a thin-layered hat-scarf BREM and thick winter hat-scarf CLAVAN who both have peaked friends MORRIS and CLARK. It's like a little eco-system! 

Double cotton, thin merino wool, thick merino wool and micro fleece linings in hat-scarves


If all these names (BREDEN, BENT, BREM...) seem a bit confusing at first, fear not! Like all new things, a hat-scarf needs a little getting used to. To make the first experience smoother, I have a few simple tips-tricks for you:

  • Double-cotton fabric needs time to adjust. It is a little tighter at first and wearing makes it softer and stretchier. Also, it only applies to double-cotton hat scarves like BREDEN. No such tightness is noticeable in merino-lined hat-scarves such as CLAVAN and BREM.
  • Take care of your hat-scarf properly, as different hat-scarves need different care. It's all written down in our care instructions, but in short: all hat-scarves with merino wool lining require cool washing temperature, a gentle program and the lowest possible spin speed. 400 spins is always best! Also, make sure to re-shape all hat-scarves right after removing it from the washing machine.
  • A hat-scarf is the best "first hat". And even if smaller children need some help at first, they will quickly get excited about doing it on their own. Just like in this super cool video:
  • Be sure to measure your child's head circumference. It is extremely important to do it right. If the hat-scarf is too big, it will fall on the eyes and wind will freeze your kid's ears and neck. A small hat-scarf also leaves ears bare while also being tight and uncomfortable. Watch this quick how-to-measure video: 

      If you have additional questions, you can always write to us, or better yet, share your e-mail address with us so that we could send you useful information, exciting offers and gifts!

      Eyes out, ears in - always!

      Merle Leemet

      the founder of Breden Kids

      Merle Leemet, the founder of Breden Kids

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