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Getting ready for kindergarten is always intense - it doesn't matter if you're doing it for the first, second or third time. As a mother of three I've gone through this experience multiple times and I swear, you don't have to spend a fortune on your kid's kindergarten essentials. Let's go ahead and make a kindergarten checklist that'll save you money, time and nerves. Sounds cool, right?

Hat-scarf, kindergartenproof, ready for kindergarten


Being outdoors is an huge part of children's daily routine. That's why it's especially important to have the right headwear to keep them safe, warm, dry and healthy even when the weather gets rough. That's what "kindergartenproof" means! Such a hat-scarf makes parenting truly easy because it eliminates the need to worry about lost or separated hats and scarves or ears, necks and chests being exposed to cold. This user-friendly and practical invention doesn't fall on the eyes, leaving them free to explore the world. And kids really love their hat-scarves because they look fun and are super easy to put on and take off, giving a sense of independence.

Hat-scarves are available in different designs according to outdoor temperature and design preference.   


Kids spend a great deal of time indoors as well. This calls for soft, stretchy and organic fabrics that don't cause sweating, especially during winter. Clothes you need for getting ready for kindergarten must be durable in order to withstand endless climbing, crawling and of course, washing. These outfits have to have "no-brainer" design to make them both comfortable and user-friendly. We really-really-really don't believe in stiff jeans or buttoned shirts as kindergarten clothes and that's that.

Breden's indoor clothes are all made from organic GOTS cotton, they're double-sized and lacking all unnecessary details. You can mix and match leggings, shirts, dresses and skirts with sweats however you want or let your kids make their own choices. Last but not least - name-tags inside the clothes help separate your kid's kindergarten outfit from all others.


No kid can escape afternoon naps (even though they would probably really like that). Comfortable, soft and snuggly pyjamas are therefore an essential part of daytime dreaming. A good sleep suit is always a 2-piece because onesies make potty training very difficult. And while potty training is inevitable for kindergarten-prepping, it's also a lengthy process and getting fully rid of diapers can take weeks, months or even years. Therefore, good pyjama pants must feel comfortable even while wearing a diaper during naps.  


When you live in a climate where sunglasses, umbrellas, rain boots and woollen hats are simultaneously needed, it's important to dress your kids into something that's easy to clean. Breden's outdoor sweats have the best features of both sweats and outdoor clothes, without being stuffy and uncomfortable. They act as wind blockers but don't cause sweating because they're made from thick organic GOTS cotton. Waterproof details that cover all strategic places (butts, knees, elbows etc) help prevent getting wet while jumping in muddy puddles. The best thing about Breden's outdoor sweats is that they are super easy to clean - just wipe the dirt off! 

Out outdoor sweats come in three different models: sweat jacket ESPEN, sweat pants ENZO and jumpsuit ELON.  


There's nothing more reliable than merino wool to keep your kids healthy. This wonderful material is soft, natural and has multiple qualities that make it one of the most useful fabrics in cold climates. It regulates body temperature, doesn't "bite" or itch, whisks away excess moisture and is antibacterial. This means that merino clothes don't need constant washing which is a definite win-win situation for all parents. Just a pair of pants and a vest will suffice in almost any situation but only when used directly against the skin, as the first layer. 

You can combine merino pants LUDDE with shirt LOVISA or vest VILLE. And there are merino clothes for babies and adults as well.


As said before, if you learn to navigate through these categories, you're all set. Just throw in some comfortable shoes, rain boots and an occasional winter overall. Don’t forget your kid’s favorite snuggle toy and you’re good to go. Let's review our kindergarten checklist one more time, just to be sure:

  • Hat-scarf
  • Playclothes
  • Pyjamas
  • Outdoor sweats
  • Merino clothes
  • Comfortable shoes 
  • Kid's favorite snuggle toy
  • Winter jumpsuit

      Let's do this! 

      Merle Leemet 

      CEO and founder of Breden Kids

      Merle Leemet, the CEO of Breden Kids


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