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How often have you wondered which autumn headwear is best for which temperature? Or when’s the right time to swap double-cotton beanies with merino lined hats? Luckily, we’ve made this choice easy for you. All you have to do is check the thermometer. This blog article also tells you how to navigate through the world of moody weather and suitable hats.

Double-cotton hat and scarf


Of course we’re talking about a phenomenon called “autumn-winter”, a season between autumn and spring. It mainly occurs in the temperate climate zone or in the mountains and is known for rain, wind and moody temperatures. Hats, scarves, hat-scarves and clothes have to cope with this madness like pros, otherwise runny noses, coughs and sneezes come knocking.

Autumn-winter is mainly characterised by temperatures from -7°C to +5°C / 19 to 41°F. Luckily it’s not a problem for truly reliable autumn hats and hat-scarves such as BREDEN, BREM, KLAUS and METTE. You just have to choose the right one. Besides, there’s something really special to be found inside all Breden’s hats, scarves and hat-scarves. A unique temperature label system tells you exactly which temperature this item is meant for. You can also find the temperature label in our e-shop and product etiquettes.

Merino hat, scarf and shirt


Merino wool is definitely one of nature’s greatest masterpieces. It regulates body temperature, whisks away excess moisture and has antibacterial qualities. Merino wool is super easy to take care of because it doesn’t have to be washed all the time. Also, it brings an extra level of quality to headwear, whether it’s combined with organic GOTS cotton or used on its own. Merino wool is much softer than the wool of regular sheep and is considered one of world's most skin-friendly materials. It’s even suitable for sensitive skin and people with various skin conditions.

Hats that incorporate merino wool vary greatly according to their design, function and temperature labels. Double-layered merino hats and scarves are for temperatures between 0 and 10°C / 32 to 50°F while one-layered merino hats and scarves are for temperatures between +5 and +15 °C / 41 and 59°F. Just like double-cotton hats, scarves and hat-scarves. Merino-lined hats, scarves and hat-scarves on the other hand have 3 different categories: mild, cold and extra cold.

Thin merino hat and scarf


I’m not kidding if I say that if someone had showed me a blog post like this, when I was struggling with my first baby, I would have cried with gratitude. Here’s a short summary on how to navigate in the world of Breden’s spring and autumn headwear:

Warm (merino) hugs!

Merle Leemet 

CEO and founder of Breden Kids

Merle Leemet, CEO and founder


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