The warmer it gets, the more we tend to ask ourselves: how to dress a kid in spring? It’s so easy to catch a cold when it’s windy, sunny, cold and warm at the same time. And because we’re all tempted to ditch our winter clothes as soon as possible, let’s review the most essential must-haves your kid definitely needs in spring.


The most functional item in spring is the hat-scarf. Double-cotton version called BREDEN is meant to be worn between temperatures +5 and +15°C and merino-lined version BREM between temperatures -7 and +5°CSince the hat-scarf combines a hat and a tube-scarf, it keeps your kid’s ears, neck, chest and back safe and warm. It’s also super easy to use - kids manage it on their own! That’s also a great reason to start using a hat-scarf already when they’re babies. The smallest size available in our e-shop is 44/46 that is the head circumference of a baby at the approximate age of 6 months. No strings, studs, triangle-scarves = no hassle. Just put it on and your kid is ready to rock!


spring must-haves, hat-scarf, Breden

There are very many versions of hat-scarves, so that every kid and parent could find their favorite: from fun prints to practical dark solids, with different linings and different designs. There's even a couple of peaked versions - double-cotton BENT and merino-lined MORRIS. We’ve recently also upgraded our hat-scarves and improved their fit. Read more about them from a blog article dedicated especially to hat-scarves.


Spring is the best season to practice layering. It’s a season when we get oh-so-many opportunities to be creative with different variables on a daily basis. What to wear when it’s sunny, but cold? Or windy, but warm? Rainy and sunny at the same time? Fear not, merino wool undergarments will solve this puzzle for you and your babies. Some key items are the following: 

Merino wool is such a smart material that one can’t help but to fall in love with it. Merino wool threads are designed by nature to regulate the body temperature, whisk away excess moisture, but lock the body heat in between the clothes and skin to make its wearer feel dry and cozy. Since merino wool is also antibacterial, it’s basically self-cleaning and suitable even for sensitive skin or atopic skin. Perfect for both athletes and newborns. Read more about the usage and care of merino wool from our blog dedicated to the amazing properties of merino wool

merino wool jumpsuit, merino wool onesie


All moms and dads know extremely well how their little ones like muddy puddles. Yes, just like little Peppa Pigs. They love to jump up and down in muddy puddles, sit in muddy puddles and lay down in muddy puddles. It usually ends with moms and dads doing endless piles of laundry and since we would all like to do a little less laundry in our lives, let’s explore the magic of outdoor sweats with waterproof details. 

There are three different items in our outdoor sweats collection: pants ENZO, jacket ESPEN and jumpsuit ELON. They all have water-proof and tear-resistant PFC-free patches in strategic places. The overall material is organic GOTS cotton that’s thick, warm and breathable. No sweating or unknown materials from “kingdoms far-far away” - all Breden’s products are designed and manufactured in Europe.

outdoor sweats with waterproof details, jumpsuit, baby jumpsuit, onesie


Merino socks are truly useful all year round, because they have their duties to fulfil regardless if you sit by the campfire in June, curl your feet up on the couch in December or go skiing in February. Merino socks are perfect for people in every age and field of life. That’s why we have merino socks in sizes starting from 13/15 going up to as far as 44/46. And also...Breden's merino socks are very durable and keep their shape despite wearing and washing - you can be sure of that!

merino wool socks for kids


...all we've learned today about what items are real must-haves in spring. Two of these items are suitable for both kids and adults: merino socks and merino undergarments. And outdoor sweats and hat-scarves make parents' lives a lot easier because these are products to solve seasonal problems such as wind, temperature fluctuations and wet ground. 

Let's suit up for spring! 

Merle Leemet 

the founder and CEO of Breden Kids 

Merle Leemet, CEO, founder, Breden Kids

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