Breden Kids balaclava
Useful thoughts emerge from casual conversations. We had a discussion with my friend about kids and beanies. My friend mentioned that although she likes Breden’s classical beanies and tube scarfs, she preferred balaclava for kindergarten. As her child’s ears are a bit sensitive, she wanted to be 110% sure that everything was ok, when she was not there.

I must admit that our children haven’t worn balaclavas and we’ve managed quite well without them. But kids are different as well as their needs and I can fully understand parents who find the balaclava irreplaceable.

As I was not familiar with the balaclava world, my friend introduced me to it. It is not easy to find a comfortable balaclava and usually it fits at the beginning after wearing it for a while, it doesn't work anymore.

For example, this weekend I just saw a child in a supermarket and every time she turned her head, half of her face was inside the balaclava. How can you play hide and seek on the playground with friends, when you can search for them with only one eye?!

Breden Kids balaclava

So, my friend suggested that I should invent something new. “Ok, I will sew a scarf to a beanie and it’s done!” I answered with the intention to make a joke.

But after that discussion I started thinking - what is the deal with balaclavas? I read different forums where mothers were looking for a suitable balaclava and discussed the advantages and disadvantages. I understood that balaclavas are really needed. Actually, what mothers needed was a product that is as practical as balaclava but more comfortable and better looking.

Balaclava Hat Scarf

"I will sew a scarf to a beanie!"

I started to think about it and together with our production manager Elle we made the first prototype. We have lots of kids among our friends and relatives so we tested the new balaclava model on several children to fit different shapes of heads and age groups as well. The prototype, as usual, needed some adjustments. Finally we made new models and the comments from our “test”-parents were making us realize that we were close to perfect. After some more tuning and testing, the last version was ready.

We noticed that smaller kids needed a bit of guidance because as the connecting seam is at the back, the kids forget to draw the cap downwards, from behind. They usually discover it themselves because otherwise it is a little uncomfortable for them to wear. Our 3,5 year-old quickly found out how to do this and the older kids fixed it during their first try.

The closer we got to launching the product, the more excited and nervous I got. I sincerely wanted to offer our kids and their mothers a good solution, a good product. Therefore I am especially thankful to receive your feedback.

Breden Kids balaclava

To boys parents I should give a “warning”, because the balaclava may turn into 24/7 irreplaceable “ninjago” cap, what can be worn everywhere and all times - while sleeping, brushing teeth, eating, watching cartoons, not to mention a great opportunity to play ninjas with your friends!

See you soon!
Merle Leemet
Founder of Breden

Breden Kids Merle Leemet

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