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Baby gloves with thumbs BALE


BALE baby gloves allow your little one to use their thumb, meaning are designed for slightly older babies who are already grabbing things and want to hold on to Mum or Dad's hand, a snack, or to throw their dummy away! As even older babies need to keep their little hands warm when the weather gets colder, so BALE features Oeko-Tex® merino inner lining with GOTS organic cotton around the outside. Unlike other wools, merino does not irritate skin, is soft and stretchy, and keeps little fingers warm without making little hands sweaty. Merino is renowned for keeping skin dry whilst holding moisture, making these gloves ideal whether in the pram or the sling. Best of all, to stop them being lost, BALE comes with a string that goes through sleeves of, for example, our very own MAJOR, MINOR or MJORN. This way, even when little hands inevitably try to escape the gloves and explore the world, you can always be sure that when they remember it's cold and want their gloves back they'll be right there waiting! And, as most body heat is lost through the hands and feet, we recommend combining BALE with BABU booties to ensure that both hands and feet are always toasty!

Merino wool is the softest wool and also antibacterial making it suitable for babies’ sensitive and/or atopic skin. Merino is the best choice for colder weather as it’s breathable and regulates body heat. Merino wool absorbs the excessive moisture so the skin doesn’t get sweaty.

All Breden's merino wool products are MACHINE WASHABLE with a wool washing program, light spin is allowed.

Overlay: 95% GOTS organic cotton, 5% elastane

Lining: 100% Oeko-Tex® certified merino wool

Not sure what size to choose or have any other questions in mind? Give us a call: +372 511 4044, or send us a line: info@bredenkids.com

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