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Designed for grown-ups, Breden’s adult line gives you the opportunity to enjoy the same quality, comfort, and style that your kids enjoy – now there’s no need to be jealous!

In our adult range you’ll find merino wool, and merino wool lined, hats, scarves, hat-scarves and more!


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  1. €42.90
    Merino Hat-Scarf BRUNO
  2. €26.90
    Merino Hat MONTES
  3. €27.90
    Merino Tube LARRY
  4. €24.90
    Merino Hat LUKKA
  5. €26.90
    Merino Tube MITRA
  6. €21.90
    Merino Lining Hat METTE
  7. €24.90
    Merino Tube LEON
  8. €19.90
    Merino Lining Headband PEARLE
  9. €19.90
    Merino Lining Headband PEARLE
  10. €59.90
    Women's Merino Wool Shirt DAISY
  11. €54.90
    Women's Merino Wool Trousers DANA
  12. €59.90
    Men's Merino Wool Shirt REMY
  13. €54.90
    Men's Merino Wool Trousers ROLF

13 Items

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